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Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for a Traffic Ticket

If you have been issued a traffic ticket in Arkansas, you are probably wondering if it is worth your time fighting it. There are many reasons why you should:

  • Some driving offenses are classified as misdemeanor or felony crimes, which are entered on criminal records.
  • Even minor infractions can lead to serious penalties because of the state points system.
  • Your driver’s license or CDL may be suspended.
  • Your insurance rates may go up.

At the law firm of Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, our skilled lawyers are experienced at fighting traffic tickets. We will help you keep your driving privileges by fighting for a dismissal or a reduction in charges.

Understanding The Arkansas Points System

Arkansas has a points system, and each driving infraction can add points to your driving record. While some infractions may cost you only a few points against your record, they can add up quickly, leading to more serious penalties.

Different point ranges lead to different levels of penalties, such as:

  • 10 to 13 points: A warning letter is issued.
  • 14 to 17 points: Your license may be suspended for three months.
  • 18 to 23 points: Your license may be suspended for six months.
  • 24 or more points: Your license may be suspended for one year.

Once you hit the 14-point level, you will need to appear for a hearing at a Driver Control Office nearest your location. The hearings officer has the authority to give you probation, place restrictions on your driving privileges or suspend your license. If you do not show up at your hearing, your driver’s license is automatically suspended.

Keep in mind that traffic tickets and traffic citations received in states other than Arkansas will also count against you in this state. Also, motorboat offenses have the same risk of penalties as other motorized vehicles.

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