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Things You Should Know When You Hire an Arkansas Lawyer

1. You have the right to know everything about your case.

When you hire a lawyer, you have the right to expect a copy of every letter, every motion, and every document regarding your case that leaves your lawyer’s office. If you are receiving anything less, you lawyer is not living up to his or her obligation to communicate with you openly about your case. At Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, we work hard to make sure that you know everything about your case. We know that it’s our obligation as your attorneys to never leave you in the dark.

2. Your first meeting with your lawyer shouldn’t be on the first day of court.

Lawyers have a duty of competency to their clients. This means that they must be legally and factually prepared to offer capable legal counsel in court. How can this be accomplished if your lawyer has just met you the day you go to court? It can’t. At Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, we work hard to get to know you so that, when we stand up for you at the negotiation table, in front of the judge, or in front of the jury, we accurately and competently tell your story the way it should be told.

3. Your file should not be bigger than your lawyer’s.

Lawyers must keep records about your case. Your lawyer should have a copy of every letter they’ve ever sent to you and about you, and every legal document they’ve ever filed with the court. They should be able to provide you with a copy of these records if you ask. Don’t trust attorneys who won’t show you the work — at Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, you can trust us, we always will.

4. You should never be charged fees you don’t understand.

It is a serious offense for attorneys to overcharge their clients, to bill for things they did not do, or to mix clients’ money with their own; attorneys can even lose their license to practice law by doing these things. As a client, you have a right to always understand the fees your lawyer is charging. He or she should easily be able to explain them if you don’t. At Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, we make sure our bills are clear and understandable. That’s why we use a system of “product billing,” listing the exact price for every legal service. So, clients are never surprised and never left in the dark about their legal fees.

Thinking Of Hiring A Lawyer?

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