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Undue Influence Can Alter The Distribution Of Assets

As time passes, families and the relationships between family members change. While changes are an expected part of life, some changes are not organic in nature, but instead the result of undue influence. If you feel that the contents of your loved one’s will are the result of the influence of a family member, you may benefit from contesting the contents of or changes to your loved one’s will.

At Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, our attorneys understand how delicate family disagreements over wills are, and we will work to make the will contest process as amicable as possible while ensuring the protection of your interests.

When Family Members Become Susceptible To Influence

It is common for older family members to become susceptible to influence from their children or other loved ones. Often, this influence is good. Children and caregivers often guide their parents or loved ones in their later years, ensuring that they receive medical attention when necessary and providing a layer of protection from those who prey on the elderly.

However, sometimes this influence is self-serving and can have negative effects on both the elderly individual and his or her family. For example, undue influence can result in changes to estate planning documents that disinherit children and other family members in favor of a caretaker or one adult child, instead of the original beneficiaries. If you believe this happened to you, help is available.

Contesting Your Loved One’s Will

If you believe the contents of your loved one’s will or the changes he or she made to it are the result of undue influence, you have the right to contest the will. Filing a will contest can be complicated, so the help of an experienced team of lawyers is beneficial.

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