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Assisting Parents With Child Support Modifications

Arkansas child support law allows modification when the paying parent’s income changes by $100 a month or by 20%. Although many parents can motion the court for child support modification themselves, a lawyer’s help is the best way to make sure that things run smoothly and effectively — especially when complex matters are involved.

At Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, we help Arkansas parents with matters of child support enforcement and modification. Many of our clients are parents with complex sources of income like family-owned businesses or investments that require more in-depth examination before an accurate child support modification can be made.

Whether you pay child support or receive it for the care of your children, we take a thorough approach to your legal representation. Our team of attorneys has an extensive system of discovery, which includes a review of bank accounts, taxes and other financial records.

How Hidden Income And Assets Affect Child Support Modification

Especially in situations involving complex assets, paying parents are allegedly adept at hiding assets to reduce the amount of child support they may be required to pay. The Arkansas Supreme Court has given specific guidance to attorneys representing clients in these situations: arguments about lifestyle — like fancy cars and trips — are often used to show that a spouse is capable of paying more child support.

This analysis can be complex, but if a person’s lifestyle indicates they are capable of paying more child support, judges may impute a certain amount of child support beyond the guideline amounts. The analysis may also take into account the amount of support needed to make the child comfortable.

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