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Will Alimony Apply In Your Divorce?

Many people believe that it does not exist in Arkansas, but this is simply not true. It does exist and it can be awarded in certain situations.

At Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, we represent clients in matters related to alimony (often called spousal support or spousal maintenance). Our Little Rock area law firm uses in-depth knowledge and skill to advocate forcefully for our clients — helping them to achieve the best possible results in Arkansas courts.

How Courts View Alimony In A Divorce

Alimony is very discretionary, which means that judges have great decision-making authority when it comes to granting it. When granting alimony during the divorce process, the court considers two factors: the requesting party’s need versus the other party’s ability to pay.

The amount of alimony awarded is unrelated to fault but has more to do with financial questions. How is the health of the person asking for support? What was the length of the marriage? Did the asking spouse have access to the money during the marriage? Does he or she have any marketable skills?

Because the court can consider so many things, it is critical to seek representation from a strong advocate — a skilled attorney who can truly convey your situation to the judge. At Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, this is our goal. We do not hesitate to protect our clients’ interests by standing up for them in court.

Types Of Spousal Support In Arkansas

Courts may be reluctant to award permanent spousal support, which usually lasts until death, remarriage or cohabitation. However, temporary support is often an option for divorcing couples. Temporary can be any period of time, from six months to five years or more. And it can be for many reasons. Your lawyer may argue that it should be used for support while getting the training necessary for a career, for example, or for a spouse who supported the other spouse through an advanced education.

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