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Valuation Of Business Interests During Arkansas Divorces

One complex and potentially contentious issue that may arise during the course of a marital dissolution is the valuation of a family-owned business. In a contested divorce that is not resolved by an agreement between both spouses, the court must determine the value of the business and determine how the value of the business factors into the equitable division of marital property.

Many complex property division issues must be addressed when parties are attempting to structure an agreement or when a court must divide marital assets in a divorce proceeding that involves a family-owned business:

  • What is the value of the business?
  • How have the parties contributed to the business?
  • What is the comparative economic status of the parties?
  • How should an award of the business or the division of business property or interests impact the final equitable division of the marital estate?

How Are Businesses Valued?

When both spouses are represented by counsel, their attorneys often choose to retain separate experts to appraise the value of the business. If it is desired by both spouses, the parties may retain a neutral business valuator.

Should a case proceed to a contested trial, the court may hear evidence from each expert witness and make a determination regarding the value of the business. Accordingly, it is essential that you retain an attorney who has the ability to retain a knowledgeable business valuator and who has the ability to effectively cross-examine your spouse’s expert witness if necessary at trial. Our experienced family law attorneys are prepared to provide the knowledgeable and highly skilled representation you require.

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