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Effective Legal Representation In Paternity Matters

Establishment of paternity can have a huge impact on the life of a child born to unmarried parents. Often, it is the first step to seeking needed child support, child custody or visitation.

At Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, we understand how important paternity cases are to parents and their children. This is why we offer efficient and effective legal representation that protects your interests.

Lawyers Dedicated To Protecting Fathers’ Rights

Our clients are people both establishing paternity and fighting the establishment of paternity. Our Little Rock paternity dispute attorneys realize that every situation is unique, and we tailor our approach to best meet your needs.

The relationship between a father and child has been proven to be critical to normal, healthy development. For this reason, the attorneys at Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, are dedicated to protecting fathers’ rights. From issues of child custody and visitation to child support disputes to paternity actions, we can be counted on to protect your interests with strong advocacy.

DNA Testing

Under Arkansas law, a man paying child support is entitled to one DNA test to verify whether he is the biological father of the child. Our lawyers often recommend DNA paternity testing for these “putative” fathers who wish to proceed with paternity actions.

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