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Skilled Family Law Representation For Nontraditional Couples

Sometimes the law does not change as fast as society does. This is certainly the case in Arkansas when it comes to addressing nontraditional family dynamics. However, there are legal options available to work around these shortfalls until the legislature passes appropriate legislation that specifically addresses this issue.

The Arkansas same-sex couples family law attorneys at Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, are here to help you craft creative legal solutions that meet your needs and protect your family law rights and interests. We welcome all types of families through our doors, and we are committed to finding viable avenues to help you protect yourself, plan for the future and what it might bring, or resolve a family law problem that the laws in Arkansas do not yet account for.

For instance, couples who are not married but are ending a long-term relationship need to protect themselves when it comes to dividing property and assets they have accumulated during the lifetime they were together.

Rights Of Nonbiological Parents

Another important issue is how to proceed as it relates to the children both people love and have parented, regardless of the biological connection. We can help you negotiate an agreement that considers these factors for nonbiological parental rights as well as biological bonds. We can also help show the court that psychological connections have been developed and that the nonbiological parent has been a de facto parent, which underscores the importance of visitation being awarded. Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates recently prevailed for their client in the Arkansas Supreme Court on a case involving visitation for a nonbiological parent. See Bethany vs. Jones.

We also routinely help LGBTQ couples navigate family law issues. From custody and visitation rights to estate planning concerns, we can help you draft documents that meet your unique needs, whether or not you are married. In many situations, it is highly advantageous to draft an agreement in the form of a contract that takes into account potential outcomes long before any of these situations ever actually occur. This proactive same-sex couple family law approach that our firm uses can save a lot of legal problems and heartache later on.

Our firm can help you map out what should happen concerning property, obligations and children in the event your relationship dissolves or one partner predeceases the other. We have helped couples draft these types of agreements that specify what will happen to:

  • Mortgage equity and obligations
  • Retirement funds
  • Decision-making authority in emergency situations
  • Expectations concerning children
  • Custody, visitation, decision-making authority for all minor children

Experienced Nonbiological Parent Rights Lawyers

We are here to help gay couples, nonbiological parents and other unique partnerships ensure that your best interests and those of your children are protected. Contact Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, by calling 501-588-4451 or 866-311-3815 or by sending us an email to schedule a consultation today.

Dedicated to providing cost-effective legal representation, our same-sex couple family law attorneys accept Visa and Mastercard. Payment plans are available. From our office in Little Rock, we help LGBTA+ clients throughout Arkansas.