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What is encompassed within the realm of elder law planning?

Here’s a short answer to the above-posed headline for today’s blog post: a lot.

When the phrase “elder law planning” comes to the fore, it immediately conjures up a wide universe of considerations. We duly note on a page of our family law website at Robertson, Oswalt & Associates that it encompasses the process “by which older adults and their families set out a strategy for dealing with a variety of issues.”

The family law firm you’re looking for exists: how to find it

Arkansas residents looking for a law firm to effectively handle a family law matter will quickly find that there is little challenge linked with finding ready and willing legal advocates.

If there is a problem in the search, it is far more likely to be securing the legal counsel that feels right and ticks off all the boxes that are most important to a prospective client.

America’s health care crisis, and its ruinous impact on consumers

The national publication Modern Healthcare underscores the banding of national legislators a generation ago that at least paid lip service to cost-based reforms in the country’s insurance industry. It notes that congressional leaders of yesteryear were just as aware that changes needed to be made as they are these days.

Those individuals must be appalled now, whether retired or still in office. Scant little has been done to stem the tide of exploding care costs over the years. The result is predictable. Americans pay more for health care than do residents of any other industrialized nation.

Credit card debt: Tackling debt in your situation

People who struggle with credit card debt understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A crucial first step is for individuals to carefully examine their own situation in an effort to better understand the myriad options available to them.

Here are some steps to follow to better understand your debt and begin working toward a stable financial future.

High-profile family law case spotlights guardianships

We have stressed in select prior blog posts that matters involving well-known individuals are sometimes noteworthy far beyond their tabloid value.

That can be especially true where legal issues are involved. Take the family law and estate planning realms, where matters of key importance often emerge in a similar way for individuals and families regardless of whether they have great fame or wealth. An issue focused upon a weighty estate planning challenge can occur in the same way, for example, for virtually any two people in Arkansas or elsewhere.

Why are prenups on the rise with the Millennial crowd?

Although commentators offer up various reasons why America’s younger marrying crowd is increasingly embracing prenuptial agreements, they strongly agree on one thing.

And that is this: There is no doubt that droves of so-called Millennials are embracing what one recent family law article states has long been “a dirty word before the wedding and a punchline after the divorce.”

Should the family home always loom large in a divorce?

If you’re a divorcing woman in Arkansas or elsewhere, you’ve got two choices for consideration in today’s blog post: the old study or the new study.

The former, which introduced the terminology “divorce gap,” posits that women’s personal financial worth plummets as a general rule following marital dissolution, while wealth for men sees a material spike.

More than tabloid frenzy: some takeaway points from Brangelina

Lawyers at a proven divorce law firm see an expanding universe of family-centric problems and concerns over time.

Understandably, many of those revolve around children and what relevant laws can do to optimally promote their best interests. Child custody is obviously a huge deal in many divorce matters (visitation, parenting plans, modifications and so forth). So too is child support.

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