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A parent's choice: Naming a guardian for your child in your will

As the cliché goes, everyone needs a will. Even young adults, who often own very little in the way of assets, because a will provides the ability to choose a guardian for your child. According to surveys, 80% of millennials and nearly 65% of Generation Xers do not have a will or any other estate planning documents. As the top cause of deaths for young adults is by an unintentional injury, which include car crashes and other random accidents, when a young adult dies, they frequently die suddenly, and they die without any estate planning. 

What is spurring uptick in grandparents as primary caregivers?

We note the obvious point on the child custody page of our family law website at Robertson, Oswalt & Associates that, “Parents want the best for their children.”

In some unfortunate cases, though, that truism doesn’t exactly ring true. In fact, some parents suffering from personal challenges and extreme family dislocation no longer appreciate what is best for their kids. They are even unable to see when their children’s well-being is being undermined by certain factors.

3 ways to manage your student loans

Adobe Robertson19.jpegStudent loan debt is one of the most difficult types to deal with. It's not normally able to be discharged in bankruptcy, and the interest rates can be high. Monthly payments can easily exceed the cost of rent or a mortgage for some students in Little Rock, which puts them in a financial bind.

There are a few things you can do to manage your student loans in the long term. These three options could be a solution for current or future financial issues that arise from student loan debt.

Will bequest seemed clear enough, but … it wasn’t

University of Texas officials undoubtedly felt elated when hearing the news following actress Farrah Fawcett’s death that the iconic pop culture superstar had remembered the school in a tangible way. The university was Fawcett’s alma mater. She bequeathed her artwork to it in her last will and testament.

The school received a famous Andy Warhol portrait of Fawcett as a result.

Stand tall and move forward: dad-focused parenting after divorce

Both moms and dads in Arkansas and elsewhere obviously have various things to deal with following divorce and on the journey leading to their post-dissolution futures.

Notwithstanding that truth, divorced fathers sometimes think that they have just a bit more on their dissolution-linked plates to deal with than do their ex-spouses.

Being a proactive, purposeful dad in the wake of divorce

The attorneys at the established Little Rock family law firm of Robertson, Oswalt & Associates routinely help diverse and valued clients from across Arkansas successfully deal with divorce-linked issues and challenges.

Those frequently arise in the child custody realm, which is of course understandable. Parents love their kids, and divorce typically upends long-established family routines and practices in a major way.

Unprecedented: the Bezoz power couple reaches agreement on divorce

If Amazon principal Jeff Bezos was a child threatening in a moment of anger to remove all his toys from the sandbox and go home, his playmates would likely take instant notice, right?

Because if they didn’t, there would be nothing left to play with. Moreover, the sandbox and surrounding playground might well be dismantled and carted off to boot. And as for the school … .

Strategies to reduce the stress of divorce

Adobe Robertson18.jpegThere is really no way around it: Divorce is stressful. Even a seemingly "quick and easy" divorce comes with some level of stress.

In general, this is because divorce comes with a wide range of emotions, some positive and some negative, that can pull you in a hundred directions. It's a rollercoaster of ups and downs and everything in between which contributes to high stress levels. If you can't pull the brakes on the rollercoaster, it can quickly get away from you and the stress can have some serious consequences.

Catalysts that can dampen tensions during the divorce process

We stressed in a blog post from earlier this week a point that rings true in some Arkansas divorces and other marital dissolutions nationally. We stated in our April 2 blog entry that divorce can sometimes "seem akin to formalized war in a courtroom."

We submit at the Little Rock family law firm of Robertson, Oswalt & Associates that it is relevant to note that. Candidly, divorce and conflict go hand-in-hand for some divorcing couples.

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