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A few thoughts re parents, multiple children and estate planning

Would-be Arkansas estate planners – we’re primarily talking moms and dads in today’s blog post – obviously have a lot of family-centric concerns to ponder regarding children’s needs and wishes.

Put another way: If you’re a planner with multiple kids, you undoubtedly want to make sure that they’re both figuratively and literally on the same page when the time comes to open up and execute key estate documents.

If I’d only known then what I’m just learning now

The above blog headline in today’s post is the lament of many American women who are now divorced in their so-called “baby boomer” years and strongly focused on financial matters.

It is certainly true, of course, that high numbers of individuals in that group are quite astute about personal investing and financial planning. Conversely, though, empirical evidence concludes that many women over the age of 50 who are facing new post-divorce opportunities and challenges are playing catch-up in their homework.

Some prenuptial agreements are well drafted, and others …

A commentator in a recent Forbes article terms prenuptial agreements as "very worthwhile" for people contemplating their execution.

We reinforce on our Little Rock family law website at Robertson, Oswalt & Associates much of what that individual and others contributing to the Forbes piece say concerning the utility of marital contracts. We note therein that a prenup can make strong sense for many marriages, including in instances where factors like the following exist:

There are better ways than this to secure enhanced divorce outcomes

If you're going to pay child support following divorce and think that your soon-to-be ex is asking for too much in the divorce process, there are a few strategies you can likely pursue to address your concerns.

Like reasoning, for example. If there are elements of reasonableness and civility still existing in your relationship, a direct and non-incendiary approach to the matter might yield results. Perhaps your impending ex isn't fully apprised of your present financial challenges. Maybe you just got demoted or were laid off, and he or she doesn't know that.

Taking steps to drive up that post-bankruptcy credit score

Commentators on personal finances occasionally note that the broad-based upsides of a bankruptcy filing for many individuals and families are not sufficiently emphasized.

That is, there is still a fundamental fear factor and related stress that surrounds the process for many would-be filers. It is not uncommon for some debtors to believe that invoking Chapter 7 or 13 in response to formidable financial challenges might invite more problems than it solves.

A continued look at today's flexible custody outcomes, Part 2

One divorce is centrally marked by a single home where the kids permanently reside, with mom and dad -- who each have their own apartment -- taking turns on alternate weeks living together with the children.

Another divorce keeps the family as the kids have always known it virtually intact. A recent in-depth report on modern custody outcomes notes a case where a divorced couple "continued living together but moved into separate bedrooms."

What was once unusual custody outcome far less so these days

Sure, there was a time when divorce-linked custody outcomes in Arkansas and across the country had a distinct cookie-cutter look about them. Moms got so-called primary physical custody almost all of the time, with dads popping in at slated intervals -- often every other weekend or so, with a designated week night sandwiched in -- to spend a day or two with the kids.

"You used to see all the dads at Denny's on Wednesdays," notes one family law expert in an article stressing the flexible nature of contemporary child custody arrangements.

You got a chunk of change in your divorce: What do you do with it?

We have noted in prior select posts that every divorce in Arkansas is flatly unique. No two families are the same, and something as personal as family outcomes concerning important matters can never be determined through a "one-size-fits-all" strategy.

One marital dissolution might be all about the kids -- a flexible parenting plan, custody/visitation arrangements, support and attendant matters. In another decoupling, a couple might not even have children and be focused instead on the future of a business they developed together. Many divorcing parties are centrally fixated throughout their divorce negotiations on valuing and equitably distributing marital property.

Is someone you know afraid to leave an abusive relationship?

couple in kitchen.jpegsad woman in profile.jpeg

Is someone you know going through a divorce, child custody dispute or another family law matter? Is that person potentially in an abusive relationship? If so, she or he probably needs a little more help and a little more understanding from others.

A recent article discusses how certain myths many of us have regarding domestic violence are damaging to those who suffer from abuse.

Visiting the "undue hardship" standard re student loan repayments

When it comes to primary sources of debt that challenge legions of Americans , many people automatically think of medical bills and credit card obligations.

And many of them also think of student debt.

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