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Can police search your vehicle without a search warrant on hand?

Here's a criminal law-based hypothetical for our Arkansas readers to mull upon.

Say that you've got a vehicle parked solidly within the confines of your yard. It's right next to your house, unquestionably on private property, and you've got it draped under tarp to protect it from the elements.

High-tech spousal spying a growing and complex reality, Part 2

A government evaluation a few years back estimated that about 1.5 percent of American adults were victims of digital spying and high-tech stalking.

On the one hand, that number might not seem to be too concerning, given the nation's approximate population of 300 million-plus people.

3 things you should know before filing for divorce in Arkansas

couple in kitchen.jpeg

Staying married is hard work no matter your age, income or disposition. Unfortunately, many marriages don't survive the financial and personal struggles that often arise after the wedding.

While couples in Arkansas enjoy some of the lowest costing weddings in the country (on average), they also have the highest divorce rates in the nation. In the land of opportunity, more than 23 out of every 1,000 marriages end in divorce. If your marriage is headed that way, there are a few things you should know before attempting to terminate your marriage.

Upping the ante on spousal snooping in a high-tech age

It has always been the case, of course, that a bit of personal decorum and caution is advised for individuals whose personal lives are on display before a court in a divorce or other family law matter.

That is, you don't want an Arkansas judge looking at a recent snapshot of you partying with friends in the Bahamas while you're arguing that you're broke and can't pay child support.

Juvenile justice in Arkansas: material change on the horizon?

A recent in-depth article on youth crime and rehabilitation published by a national organization tracking juvenile justice issues notes an "emerging consensus."

And that is this, states the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange: Incarceration as a preferred strategy to deal with youthful offenders is generally far more harmful than beneficial on both an individual and larger societal level.

Medical debt: the most onerous exaction of all?

A recent article in the online publication Investopedia doesn't mince words in its spotlighting of the immense medical-related financial challenges faced by many Arkansas residents and other individuals and families across the country.

Medical debt is "a terrible problem" for Americans, the article notes.

Key point re marital property in divorce: thoroughly address it

Maybe you're duly focused on your impending ex's company-sponsored 401(k) retirement account, given that it qualifies as marital property subject to equitable division in your Arkansas divorce.

At the same time, though, are you as equally focused on his or her pension and other savings vehicles that might be in that employment-related mix of assets that should configure in your marital dissolution as divisible marital wealth?

Hyperbole and promises: Are debt-relief companies for real?

Some readers of our blog who face daunting financial challenges and are stressed over how to best confront them might want to consider some advice given by Steve Rhode.

Rhode is a financial contributor to various publications who prominently goes by the tag "Get Out of Debt Guy. We pass along a few points he recently made in a Huffington Post article regarding debt-relief companies.

Estate planning elephant in the room: loved one's opioid addiction

We've discussed many varied topics on our blog at the Little Rock law firm of Robertson, Oswalt & Associates, but one singular and sensitive discussion focus has thus far eluded treatment on our website.

And that is this: a loved one's opioid addiction and it implications for family members engaged in estate planning.

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