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Focus on same-sex married rights in continuing court saga

Although the United States Supreme Court (sometimes SCOTUS) has spoken in an important family law case involving the rights of same-sex married couples, it may yet speak again.

Actually, the decision announced by the nation's highest court last week in a case involving marital rights for same-sex partners was basically an exercise in silence. The tribunal declined the opportunity to overturn a Texas Supreme Court ruling without comment.

IRMAA bothersome acronym for some retired estate planners

Most retired Arkansas residents, like the majority of their peers across the country, have probably never seen the acronym IRMAA.

But if they know what it is, that likely means they have been affected by it. And that means they are concerned.

Cautionary tale: What if this happened to you?

We submit that virtually every reader of our blog at the Little Rock criminal defense law firm of Robertson, Oswalt & Associates will respond with indignation upon hearing the details of the following story.

And strongly empathize with the victim, as well.

Digital estate planning: you might want to get going on that

Chances are that a reference even a few short years ago to the "digital afterlife" would have simply befuddled a listener.

That is much less likely these days, though, given an online world that is both vast and comprehensive.

Spotlight: an effective divorce team to fully promote your goals

Work hard on devising a tailored and effective divorce strategy, to be sure, if you're an Arkansas resident headed toward marital dissolution.

And don't forget about assembling an ideal lineup of professionals to help you fully flesh out and implement that strategy. Their input on your goals and what you will need to do to achieve them can be critically important.

Concerning debt relief, you might have several viable options

If you have questions about debt-relief solutions, or just feel uncertain regarding the subject matter generally, you are far from alone.

In fact, many millions of Americans facing debt challenges will readily admit that they find the topic complex and don't know where to turn for answers.

Preparing for the financial consequences of divorce

The above-cited "financial consequences" in today's blog post headline can range from paltry to severe in any given case.

But here's a point, as noted in a recent article discussing divorce and money considerations: a divorcing party can do much to prepare for them and minimize their potential downsides through some timely focus and planning prior to marital dissolution.

Pot case: seemingly uncontroversial, yet still instructive

She was driving on an interstate in North Dakota, with police officers subsequently claiming that she was speeding.

Under American law that applies in every state, including Arkansas, that infraction gave the officers the "probable cause" needed to stop her.

Some relevant info to know this Thanksgiving holiday season

Filled up your gas tank yet?

If you and your loved ones are hitting the road today or tomorrow for an annual migration to the family homestead for the Thanksgiving holiday, you're obviously far from being alone.

Are you sure you want a do-it-yourself Arkansas divorce?

Unquestionably, we live in an age of consumer empowerment and do-it-yourself possibilities. Many people take advantage of online platforms to do their own financial planning. Some execute wills. Others file taxes.

And some seek to wade their way through the legal hoops and hurdles relevant to getting a divorce in their state of residence without input from a proven family law attorney.

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