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How should parents respond to a child’s plea for business funding?

Have you ever heard the term “sticky wicket?”

Some people employ that expression to describe an especially difficult or delicate problem that seems resistant to an easy answer. We submit that the phrase is apt in many instances when parents in Arkansas and elsewhere entertain a specific question from an adult child.

Arkansas divorce laws: Getting the divorce you want and need

Arkansas is a great place to live, but is it a good place to go through a divorce? Every state is different, so there's no question that you could run into circumstances in Arkansas that you wouldn't in another state.

It's for this reason that the first thing you should do is find out if Arkansas is the only state where you can get a divorce or if it's the one where you want to file. If so, then there are a few things you should know about the state laws.

Younger marrying couples increasingly embracing prenups

Prenuptial agreements promote marital discord, right? Rather than helping ensure long-term marriage success for a fledgling couple in Arkansas or elsewhere, a prenup is more akin to an agent of doom at the very start of a union.

Grandma might endorse such views. Not so much the adult grandkids.

So you’re an estate executor. What does that entail?

A recent media piece refers to a person who might “comb through regular mail and email, and sift through tax returns, too.”

Conceivably, that individual might well have a criminal bent, being focused on something like identity theft or other wrongdoing.

Understandably complex, emotional: dealing with family violence

Family violence in Arkansas and nationally is unquestionably a tragic and too-often reality that plays out behind the closed doors of American homes.

As intrinsically sad as domestic abuse is, intimate-partner and related home-based violence is especially disturbing because it is egalitarian. That is, it occurs in virtually every environment. We note on our website at Robertson, Oswalt & Associates that victims “come from all situations and walks of life, and most never expected [abuse] to happen to them.”

How a proven property division attorney can help with a QDRO

Arkansas law requires a fair division of property between divorcing spouses. That standard is applied after considering all the marital assets that can be identified and valued in a union.

That "find, value and apportion" exercise is often taxing. The list of assets in many marriages can fill a notebook. Many couples have property ranging broadly from realty holdings and heirlooms to multiple savings accounts and wide-ranging personal items.

What are residuary clauses and why are they important in wills?

There are many terms that play important roles in wills. Among these are residuary clauses.

A residuary clause is a kind of catch-all. It essentially is a will term that sets out what will happen with any property not specifically mentioned in the will.

Are notable changes on the horizon re student debt forgiveness?

If Congress won’t do it, we’ll do it.

That viewpoint it impliedly and even sometimes expressly stated by federal judges who clearly feel empathy for some of the cash-stressed debtors coming before them encumbered with massive amounts of student debt.

3 tips to eliminate medical debt from your life

Unpaid medical debt has the potential to become a financial burdens for years. Hospitals and medical providers are often quite aggressive when seeking payment. When the amount they are asking for every month gets out of reach of your family budget, the stress can be overwhelming. 

For major medical treatment, health insurance may not cover the tab, and the amount left owing can be significant. Fortunately, most people have options for greatly reducing or eliminating medical debt through repayment plans, debt consolidation agreements and bankruptcy. Here are a few tips for staying ahead of the bill collectors. 

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