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Choosing the right apartment for child custody after divorce

After you get a divorce, you will have custody of your child at least some of the time. However, the court will want to see that you have a home that is safe for your child, so that it is assured that the child's best interests have been considered.

As a now-single parent who has to make ends meet in Arkansas, getting the right apartment is a necessity, but it also has to be within your budget. What should you look for? What would be acceptable?

Acronym refresher: What is a QDRO, and how does it work?

Dividing marital assets in an Arkansas divorce is hardly a boilerplate exercise for soon-to-be exes. Property distribution can vary widely, from being a relatively quick and simple matter to involving close assessment of multiple asset types and amounts.

For many splitting couples, thoughts obviously turn to the family home. Additional pieces of realty might also be involved. Perhaps a family business is a front-and-center concern. That is often similarly true of various savings/investment accounts, pensions, bonuses, stock options, heirlooms and collectibles and other sources of wealth.

Timely divorce-linked topic for some with tax season in the mix?

Some spouses in Arkansas and elsewhere don’t rue the annual tax season and outcome. Their neutral-to-positive approach stems from a reasoned view that a refund will soon be on the way.

Millions of others detest the yearly ordeal, of course, based on their repetitive pain of writing checks to the IRS.

Options for handling credit card debt

Adobe Robertson16.jpegIf you have credit debt that seems to have taken over your life, you're not alone. On average, Americans own approximately three credit cards each, and may have debts of $5,000 or more.

Debts usually start low among younger Americans, but by the time they reach 45 to 54 years old, they top out. Those are years when people earn the most, so they can afford to maintain a higher level of debt. As Americans age, the debt usually drops again. It's normal for those in retirement to use their credit cards less and to live on a fixed income, which means they have to be more cautious with their budgets.

Government provides mixed signals on consumer debt

We are a nation of debtors.

That has always been the case, with American consumers taking out various types of loans to finance homes, educations, automobiles and other necessities. There is often no problem with that, of course. Many individuals and families walk the debt-repayment line carefully and are able to safely stay on top of payment duties until they are extinguished.

Special considerations relevant to military divorces

It’s one thing if you receive an order to appear before a judge concerning child custody or support in a courtroom that is near your home.

It’s something else altogether if that order seeks your attendance when you are deep beneath the ocean surface in a submarine or defending American interests in a Middle East combat zone.

Is pampered Choupette really any different from your beloved pet?

Arkansas residents – individuals and families alike – love and cherish the pets with whom they share their lives. So too did Karl Lagerfeld concerning Choupette, his beloved cat.

And care providers routinely ensure that their dogs, cats, horses and other loved animals routinely receive the care they need to thrive. Ditto for Lagerfeld while he was alive.

A continuing look at fluidity, adaptability in American relationships

When it comes to relationships, Americans are far from mired in unchanging viewpoints. We noted that in a recent blog post, underscoring in our February 20 entry the country's "great diversity and capability to evolve in material ways over time."

Research solidly bears that out. Indeed, the long-tenured and widely respected Pew Research Center stresses Americans' great adaptability in thinking about things like marriage, divorce and related family law matters. Pew analysts point out that "the landscape of relationships in America has shifted dramatically in recent decades."

A look at love, relationships and an evolving American mindset

It turns out that Americans generally are a romantic bunch, regardless of a host of generalized factors that otherwise differentiate them in our diverse society.

That is, love reigns, especially as a motivating factor for getting hitched. A national survey on relationships indicates that romantic feelings dwarf just about everything else when it comes to contemplating a lifetime spent with another person.

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