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Making virtual visitation work for Arkansas families 

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2024 | Child Custody

When it comes to co-parenting, as is true with so many other aspects of American life, technology offers innovative solutions to traditional challenges. From shared interactive calendars to mutually accessible online photo albums, technology affords co-parents opportunities to remain informed and engaged in their children’s lives, even when those children are residing with their other parent. 

Another increasingly popular co-parenting resource that is largely driven by technology is the normalization of so-called virtual visitation. Virtual visitation serves as a digital form of parenting time, wherein the parent who is not present gets to connect with their child via phone calls, video chats, online gaming, etc. per the terms of any particular family’s parenting plan or otherwise mutually agreed upon arrangements. 

Overcoming challenges

For all of the benefits that virtual visitation affords – and there are many – it’s not without challenges. Technical issues, concerns about screen time, conflicting schedules, a child’s evolving needs and the need for both parents to support the arrangement can arise. Addressing these challenges effectively may require ensuring reliable access to the necessary technology, setting reasonable limits on virtual interaction to balance other needs of the child and both co-parents and fostering a cooperative co-parenting relationship that prioritizes the child’s welfare and flexibility. 

To these ends, the following tips may prove helpful for Arkansas co-parents who want to make virtual visitation arrangements work well for everyone’s needs:

  • Establish a Routine: Schedule regular virtual visits to create consistency and allow everyone to plan accordingly. 
  • Utilize Creative Activities: Engage in activities together, like reading a book, playing a game or watching a movie simultaneously, to make virtual visits more interactive and enjoyable. Having to deal with a child’s resistance to engage can be tough. Keeping things fun can help. 
  • Encourage Quality Interaction: Focus on the quality of interactions rather than the quantity. Even short, engaging conversations can significantly impact maintaining a strong parent-child bond.

Making virtual visitation work for Arkansas co-parents and their children requires effort, cooperation and creativity. Any questions about making arrangements work can be answered by seeking personalized legal guidance at any time.