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I grew up in Greers Ferry, Arkansas, the youngest of four children.  My parents' marriage was not a happy one, but they stayed together "for the children."  When I was a senior in high school, they finally divorced.  Their troubles and emotional distance were no secret to us kids.  I cannot honestly say whether their decision to stay together so long was better for us.  It definitely kept us more financially stable than we would have been, had the family split.  But ultimately, it left all of us to figure out for ourselves how to build a strong, happy marriage.

Despite their issues, however, my parents remain my heroes for the way they handled us through their conflicts and multiple separations.  They always attended holidays together (and still do), they always communicated with kindness about us, and they always sat beside each other at basketball games, track meets, and pageants.  They simply enjoyed watching their children.  The love they have for each other helped them preserve their deep friendship.  They win at being divorced. 

In 1998, I married my husband, who already had a child with his ex-wife.  Through my experience as a step-mom, and a second wife, I learned so many difficult and important lessons.  When my step-daughter was five years old, I watched my husband go through and ultimately lose a custody battle. Eventually, everyone in my stepdaughter's life had to learn to get along. For most of her childhood, we were successful in keeping conflict relatively rare.   

I know, first hand, both the struggles and the blessings of being part of a blended family. I use that knowledge to be proactive in my clients' cases, ensuring that their legal rights are protected. 

Now I have two additional children, and I know the feeling of absolute devotion.  I am willing to give anything for my children's health and safety, and the magnitude of my job to give them what they need to become happy, productive adults is paramount.

These are the experiences I carry with me, every day, when I step into my law office. Having had the experience of being a client in these situations, I know what it feels like to wait for a return telephone call, to feel so nervous about the process, and to hope that my lawyer understands that she has a part of my life in her hands.

Since I became licensed in 2001, my main focus has been family law.  I've litigated more divorces and custody cases than I can count.  I began my career with a desire to focus, in large part, on "fathers' rights" issues.  As the years passed, I began to realize that my passion is actually in representing the person, man or woman, who needs a strong attorney to fight and preserve their role as a parent, their fair share of a hard-earned marital estate, and to help that person navigate the dispute in a way that ensures the best outcome for their post-case family.


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Practice Areas

  • Family Law
  • Juvenile Law
  • Traffic Violations


  • University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law, Little Rock, Arkansas
  • University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas
    • B.A. - 1997
    • Honors: magna cum laude
    • Honors: Donaghey Scholar
    • Major: Criminal Justice
    • Major: Sociology

Bar Admissions

  • Arkansas, 2001


  • Little Rock Soirée - Named to Best Lawyers in Little Rock
  • Little Rock Soirée - Named to Best Lawyers in Little Rock
  • Little Rock Soirée - Named to Best Lawyers in Little Rock
  • Little Rock Soirée - Named to Best Lawyers in Little Rock


  • Presenter/Moderator at Continuing Legal Education Seminars
  • Adjunct Professor, William H. Bowen School of Law

Pro-Bono Activities

  • VOCALS (Central Arkansas Legal Svcs.), 2001 to Present
  • Annual Judge in Arkansas Mock Trial Competition, Present

Professional Associations

  • Arkansas Bar Association, 2001 to Present