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Common mistakes to avoid during Arkansas child custody proceedings


There are several mistakes parents should avoid making during child custody proceedings to ensure their chances of obtaining custody are not damaged.

Child custody proceedings are often one of the most emotionally challenging aspects of the divorce process in Arkansas. In many cases, parents desire to obtain full custody of their children or retain the ability to establish a co-parenting plan with their former spouse in a joint custody agreement., In sole custody arrangements, one parent is responsible for caring for his or her children the majority of the time and in joint child custody arrangements, parents can share decision making authority of their children and physical parenting time. To ensure the desired custody outcome is achieved, parents should avoid making several common mistakes during custody-related proceedings.

Failing to participate in parenting activities

Generally, the parent who is the most heavily involved in his or her children’s lives usually has the advantage in custody proceedings. Parents who desire to acquire primary physical custody of their children should make sure that they are actively involved in their children’s lives by doing homework with them, feeding them, bathing them and participating in other school and extracurricular activities.

Allowing negative evidence to be collected

In child custody cases, negative text messages, emails, voice mails and other forms of electronic communication exchanged with the other party can be used as evidence against a parent seeking custody rights. Parents should keep in mind that if they impulsively send aggressive text messages or call their former spouse to release their anger, they may be at risk of losing custody. This also applies to posting negative comments or information on social media forums. Parents should avoid such behavior, and they should request that their friends and family also refrain from posting negative items on their behalf.

Making things difficult for the other parent

Judges look favorably upon parents who exhibit a desire and ability to work cooperatively with their former spouse, states The Huffington Post. Parents who want to show those working on their child custody case that they support the best interests of their children should avoid adversely influencing the relationships their children have with their former spouse and criticizing their children’s other parent unfairly.

Exhibiting a lack of emotional control

During child custody proceedings, parents who cannot control their emotions are at a disadvantage. Parents should refrain from acting out in front of their children’s attorneys, social workers, their children’s teachers and anyone else who might provide harmful evidence or a negative testimony in court.

By working with an family law attorney, parents in Arkansas who desire to obtain full or joint custody of their children may be able to avoid these mistakes and others that could damage the outcome of child custody proceedings. If you and your spouse are contemplating divorce and you are worried about how your time with your children will be affected by the dissolution of your marriage, speak with an attorney who can address these concerns.

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