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What are the benefits of a prenup?

Couples may think of prenups as unromantic, but it can actually help to create financial unity, encourage communication and protect the interests of children.

When an Arkansas couple starts talking about marriage, they may not think about the costliness of divorce. They would rather think about the future they will share than the possibility of a break up. However, divorce can be an expensive and uncooperative affair. For this reason, anyone with substantial assets or potential inheritance may benefit from setting up a prenuptial agreement prior to the legal wedding ceremony.

Provides a platform to talk about finances

While the main goal of a prenup is to figure out what will happen to financial assets during a divorce, couples can use this discussion time as a platform to talk about what will happen during the marriage. Discussing the terms of a prenup can be the perfect excuse couples need to really figure out where each party stands on financial situations. Being united on these topics can help improve a marital relationship. When these topics are broached prior to a wedding, it can help clear the air for soon-to-be newlyweds.

Dating couples may not feel comfortable openly talking about finances. However, people who are betrothed need to know what the situation is, whether it is good or bad. Setting up a prenup can help both sides learn about the assets and debts in the name of their future spouse. In other words, this type of legal agreement can minimize the surprises of early marriage.

Jumpstarts marital communications

Many married couples call communication one of the main pillars of a happy and healthy marriage. The couple has to be able to talk about a variety of topics and find ways to compromise. A prenup is only valid when both parties agree, which means the bride and groom must hash out each point until they find a common ground. This same communication technique can be used throughout the years of marriage.

Protects interest of children from previous relationships

Even after a marriage, children from previous relationships should be provided for by both of their parents. A legal agreement can protect the inheritance that is set aside for these children. While many stepparents would put the welfare of the children at the forefront, divorce proceedings can cloud judgment and cause contention. Setting aside at least a small chunk of money for any children can drastically increase their welfare should a divorce take place.

The proceedings leading up to a wedding are often full of dreams of the future, which is why Arkansas couples may benefit from creating a prenup, which can help make the future a little clearer. If people want to set up this type of legal agreement prior to a marriage, a knowledgeable attorney may make the process a little easier.