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Divorced dads can still be great, involved fathers

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Fathers' Rights

One of the most difficult aspects of any divorce is the stigma that comes with it. People often have negative perceptions of divorce, and as a result, people can suffer additional harm and complications, even if the decision to divorce was the right one. Of these negative perceptions includes the assumption that unmarried or divorced dads cannot be involved, capable and caring fathers. 

The reality is that dads can be great dads regardless of their marital status. Kids benefit when allowed to maintain strong relationships with their fathers, and it is for their well-being that Arkansas parents should strive to provide them with access to their fathers. If you are a divorced dad or you plan to divorce soon, you may benefit from learning more about how you can protect your rights and interests. 

Dads play a critical role in the life of a child 

Divorced dads can sometimes get a bad rap because of the way they are portrayed in the media. They may be depicted as irresponsible or disorganized, or they may even be depicted as uncaring or unconcerned. In years past, there was a conception that mothers should retain full custody after a divorce because that was what was best for the kids, but in reality, kids actually need time with their dads as well. Many dads, married and unmarried alike, work diligently to play an active and involved role in the lives of their children. 

There are many characteristics of a qualified and competent dad. This includes an understanding of the lifelong commitment of being a dad, as well as having a respect for the role of the mom. Dads are just as capable as mothers of spending time with kids, making plans, keeping appointments and more. They have the right to equitable custody arrangements and regular access to their kids. 

Your rights as a dad 

You have rights as a father. If you are facing divorce or wonder how you can pursue a beneficial outcome to your custody and visitation fight, you may benefit from seeking experienced guidance at every step. An assessment of your needs may help you understand the legal options available to you and how you can fight to have a strong relationship with your kids after divorce.