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Steps to take to prepare finances for a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2023 | Divorce

Separating from a spouse can be an  emotionally challenging process. One of the major challenges for those who are heading for divorce is preparing their finances for this often-expensive event. Here are some ways Arkansas residents can prepare their finances when divorce becomes inevitable.

Get organized

When heading into a divorce, it is important to gain an understanding of all individual and joint financial accounts. Gather current and past financial statements and make copies of these documents before the proceedings begin. Some of these documents may include bank statements, investment accounts, vehicle and property titles, credit card account information and retirement accounts.

Know what bills are due

If spouses share credit accounts, they may also share the debt. To protect credit history, know what bills are coming due, determine who will pay what and closely monitor the accounts. The spouse may also want to monitor credit reports so he or she can be aware of any accounts or debts they are responsible for.

Create a budget

Income and expenses will likely change once the divorce is finalized. Creating a budget can help a person be more prepared for these future economic changes. Start off by reviewing current expenses and highlighting any items that may change, like insurance premiums or childcare, and ways to adjust to these changes.

Professional help

Preparation is the key to ensuring that individuals come through this event with as little financial damage as possible. Any person in Arkansas who needs help or has questions about any aspect of divorce may want to think about meeting with a legal professional. An experienced family law attorney can offer invaluable guidance relative to the client’s specific situation.