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3 common reasons for divorce in America today

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2022 | Divorce

When couples tie the knot, they hope for a fulfilling and life-long marriage. However, every marriage will have struggles and sometimes divorce is the best course of action. Recent statistics say that just under half of all marriages in Arkansas and across the United States will end in divorce. Here are three of the most common reasons spouses end their marriages these days. 


Extramarital affairs are one of the most common causes of divorce in America today. Many times, infidelity begins as an innocent friendship, but then evolves into an emotional or physical affair. Venturing outside of the relationship to get physical or sexual needs met often dooms a marriage.  

Lack of communication 

Communication is crucial in a relationship. Lack of communication or the inability to communicate effectively often leads to frustration or resentment, which can impact all aspects of a marriage. When spouses stop talking, they can begin to feel lonely or isolated and may stop caring about each other altogether. 


One of the top causes of divorce in America today is financial struggles. Money touches nearly every aspect of a person’s life. If spouses are not on the same page as far as finances go, big problems can ensue. Money and stress go hand in hand for many marriages. 

Gaining an understanding of why marriages end these days can help spouses identify problems in their own marriages and fix the issues before it’s too late. However, any individual in Arkansas who is contemplating divorce or just has questions about divorce may want to speak with a trusted legal representative. An experienced family law attorney can help any person navigate the turmoil of divorce and protect one’s personal interests along the way.