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May 2016 Archives

How to minimize the negative impact of divorce on your wealth

Besides its obvious emotional impact, divorce can have a significant financial impact on both spouses' lives. One study found that while being married increases most people's wealth compared to that of single people, a divorce lowers a person's wealth by more than three-quarters. That drop often begins before the divorce is finalized.

What is situational depression and what can help?

Divorce is a life-changing event that can turn your emotions upside down. You may feel like you have lost a substantial part of your life. You may experience feelings of loss, guilt, anger, frustration and more. These are normal feelings when you are witnessing the end of your marriage.

Can officers search my car?

Being stopped by the police is never a pleasant experience. However, when a routine traffic stop turns into a search, things can escalate quickly. There are specific rules and procedures that govern whether or not an officer can search your car during a traffic stop. Being aware of these guidelines can help you protect your rights and understand your legal options for defense if the search results in criminal charges.

Refusing a Breathalyzer: What you need to know

When you are pulled over because an officer suspects you of driving under the influence of alcohol, one of the first things you may be asked to do is step out of the car for a field sobriety test. While these often include basic exercises in balance and counting, the officer is also likely to ask you to take a Breathalyzer test. It's important to understand the implications this could have on your case later on and what happens if you refuse.

How do you explain a bankruptcy to potential employers?

Many Arkansans find that bankruptcy is the best way to get out from under their debt and get a fresh start on their financial future. Part of that fresh start may include finding a job or looking for a new job. However, with companies now often running credit checks on potential employees, what happens when they see the bankruptcy on your record? Can it prevent you from being hired?

2 unique considerations that occur in military divorces

Being in the military is a life-changing decision that you make willingly. After you enlist in the military, you are giving up the right to decide on where you are stationed and other similar factors. What you might not realize is that being in the military can also affect you if your marriage ends. Military divorces come with some considerations that aren't present in divorces that are between two civilians. We can help you to evaluate your divorce to determine what considerations need to be addressed.

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