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Changing the terms of a child support order

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2023 | Family Law

The end of the marriage will bring various changes to multiple areas of a person’s life. It could impact where you live, how often you see your kids and your lifestyle. The changes you experience when you first divorce are likely to continue long into the future, and you may find that you have to continue to make adjustments to your finances. You cannot always control these changes and your financial circumstances, and you may be in a position in which you are unable to continue to meet the terms of your child support order. 

If you are currently unable to adhere to the terms of a support order, there are options available to you. You might be able to seek a modification to your current order, an option that would allow you to secure necessary adjustments to your financial obligations on either a temporary or permanent basis. There are certain circumstances in which a court may grant a change to an existing order. 

Adjustments are sometimes necessary 

You may not be able to control or predict factors in your life that impact your ability to make child support payments as ordered by the court. You might not be able to make your full payment, or you may be unable to make these payments every month at a certain time. Some of the most common reasons to seek a change to a child support order include: 

  • You lost your job unexpectedly. 
  • You have other children you need to support. 
  • The needs of your children have changed. 
  • You received a chronic illness diagnosis or have become disabled. 
  • You got a new job that pays you a different rate. 

When needing a change to a support order, it is helpful to speak with the other parent so he or she can be aware of your circumstances. However, any changes should receive the approval of the court.  

The best interests of the children 

Your need to modify a child support order has no reflection on your ability to be an involved and loving parent. Seeking a modification should not mean that you lose some of your custody rights or time with your children. The other Arkansas parent may contest a request for a modification, and you will benefit from having insight regarding your legal options and your parental rights.