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How to approach a spouse about divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2023 | Divorce

Regardless of circumstances, choosing to end a marriage is always a major decision. Even those who are confident in their decision to divorce can get intimidated when they think about all the processes and legalities associated with divorce. Sometimes, the split is mutual. But when it isn’t, approaching a spouse about the prospect of divorce can be difficult. Here are a few helpful ways to begin the discussion.

Preliminary research

Divorce means big changes, so it is imperative to know what lies ahead before bringing up this discussion with a spouse. Be sure to research how the divorce process works and the impacts of this decision. Everyone’s circumstances are unique and the laws surrounding divorce will differ depending on the state.

The appropriate setting

When it comes time to have this difficult conversation, the setting is very important. This will likely be a very emotional moment, so don’t do it in public. If possible, choose somewhere that is comfortable and feels right.

Be prepared and honest

Once it is determined that divorce is the best course of action, think about what needs to be said. Write it down if necessary. Even though the conversation may be uncomfortable, it is important to be honest. Afterward, give the spouse time to process the information.

Professional help

Making the decision to divorce can be overwhelming. Once one or both spouses decide to move forward, it is recommended to speak with a legal professional to begin the initial steps of filing for divorce in Arkansas. An experienced family law attorney can help a client navigate the divorce process while protecting personal interests.