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Dealing with an unexpected and unwanted divorce

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Divorce

When couples marry, they essentially make a lifelong commitment to each other. When one spouse blindsides the other with an unexpected divorce, the effects can be catastrophic for the unsuspecting spouse. An unwanted divorce often leaves a person feeling abandoned, depressed and filled with fear. For those in Arkansas who may be facing an unexpected divorce, here are a few ways to get through this difficult experience.

Take time to grieve

Losing a spouse often impacts a person the same way as the death of a loved one. So those who go through divorce will likely feel stages of grief of varying degrees both during and after the divorce. A person in this situation should allow him or herself grace and time to grieve. Feelings of sadness, anger or even apathy are completely normal and part of the healing process.

Focus on goals

During marriage, many spouses prioritized the marriage over their own personal or professional goals. Since the marriage is over, this can be the perfect time to reclaim those goals and aspirations. This can not only be a perfect distraction but a healthy way to use this time of transition for personal benefit.

Wait a while before moving on

Heading back out into the dating world immediately after a divorce can be a bad idea. It will likely take months or even years to heal from an unexpected divorce. Many divorcees get involved in a post-divorce relationship as a distraction or out of loneliness, but that’s not a healthy way to cope. Once a person feels ready to move on, he or she should try to take things slow.

Also, do not be afraid to seek professional help during this time. Counseling is a great tool to help any person cope with the dissolution of a marriage. Those in Arkansas who have questions about any aspect of divorce have the option to discuss their situation with a legal representative. A trusted family law attorney can provide much-needed legal guidance to help individuals protect personal rights throughout this life-changing event.