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Gray divorce does not doom one to loneliness

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Divorce

A lifetime in a happy marriage is what most people hope they will experience when they tie the knot. While some people may remain married for decades, the happiness they once felt may no longer be as strong, and they could consider separating their paths in life from their spouse’s. When Arkansas residents aged 50 or older decide to end their marriage, the situation is known as a gray divorce.

The topic of gray divorce has once again made headlines after the announcement by Bill and Melinda Gates that they would be ending their marriage. The couple has been together for nearly 30 years, and with Bill Gates being 65 years old and Melinda Gates being 56 years old, they both fall into the over-50 category that makes their situation a gray divorce. Of course, at their ages, they both, hopefully, still have plenty of years left to live in ways that make them happy.

Making this decision at an older age does not mean that parties are dooming themselves to spend their remaining years alone. In fact, many people choose to end their marriage after decades together in hopes of finding more fulfilling relationships due to the following common issues:

  • The marital relationship has gone stale and no longer presents a sense of satisfaction or excitement.
  • One spouse has reached a breaking point due to the other’s annoying habits.
  • The couple no longer feels a sense of intimacy with one another.
  • Individuals no longer feel obligated to uphold the tradition of “til death do us part.”

A gray divorce can mean that Arkansas residents are simply starting a new chapter in life. The chapter may have some difficulties, but this point does not signify the end of their individual stories. Of course, older individuals may have more pressing details to consider during their cases, especially when it comes to their financial futures, but gaining information and assistance during this time may help them reach the best outcomes possible.