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Understanding how child support is beneficial to you

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2020 | Family Law

When you get divorced in Arkansas, a portion of negotiations may focus on the well-being, future and support of the children you share with your former spouse. Often, one of you will need to pay child support to contribute to the parenting duties that accompany having children. 

Whether you are receiving child support payments or are the person responsible for making payments, understanding the benefit of child support may help you maintain a positive perspective regarding your obligations. 

Paying child support 

According to the Administration for Children & Families, your obligation to pay child support to your ex is an effective way for you to maintain responsibility as a parent. Payments may encourage your involvement in the lives of your children, as well as contribute to providing them with adequate opportunities to learn, grow and excel in life. If changes to your income prevent you from making payments in full or on time, it is best to immediately notify the courts and request a modification to your existing agreement. Timely communication may prevent legal consequences for failing to make payments at all. 

Receiving child support 

Having primary custody of your children while managing a career and other parental responsibilities, takes its toll. From a financial standpoint, it is only fair if you and your ex share the financial obligations of raising children since you had your children together. Receiving child support payments may lessen the stress you feel in regards to funding your children’s education, paying for daily necessities and having extra money for extracurricular activities or hobbies. 

If you are unable to collect child support payments because your ex is choosing not to pay, you may contact the courts and request intervention. If you would like to learn more about negotiating a divorce, please visit our webpage.