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Have you considered these benefits of therapy before divorcing?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2020 | Family Law

You and your current spouse feel you would be better off if you divorce. Both of you signed divorce papers to start the process, but hesitation holds you back from fully committing. 

Marriage.com recommends marriage counseling to help make a final decision. Even if you both decide that divorce is the only option that makes sense, you can proceed knowing that you tried to repair your marriage. 

Coming to a definite conclusion  

Just as you did not want to marry with hesitation in your heart, the same is true of divorce. By going to counseling, you receive the insight necessary to understand where your marriage does not work and what needs to happen for you and your spouse to mend the rift. You can put in the work necessary to repair your marriage, but a counselor can help you understand whether divorce truly is the most favorable option. 

Doing the right thing for your children  

Worrying about your kids could be one reason for your divorce uncertainty or hesitation. Through therapy, you may not have to worry as much about unintentionally affecting your kids with any negative feelings that exist in the marital house between you and your husband or wife. 

Learning how to communicate 

Maybe you are not clear on how to verbalize the root of your marital unhappiness. Or maybe your spouse does not understand how to properly receive what you say. Either way, attending therapy provides tools for communicating and understanding. Adjusting how you speak to or hear your partner may facilitate a sense of clarity, so you understand if the two of you can continue your marriage. 

There are no guarantees with marriage counseling. Divorce or remain married with confidence by seeking a qualified therapist’s expertise.