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Stand tall and move forward: dad-focused parenting after divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News

Both moms and dads in Arkansas and elsewhere obviously have various things to deal with following divorce and on the journey leading to their post-dissolution futures.

Notwithstanding that truth, divorced fathers sometimes think that they have just a bit more on their dissolution-linked plates to deal with than do their ex-spouses.

That’s all relative, of course, and highly dependent on given circumstances. We duly noted in a recent blog post at Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates that divorced mothers and fathers both suffer material dislocation following the end of a marriage.

Still, many fathers confess to feeling flatly lost and powerless in the wake of divorce. One recent article spotlighting post-dissolution life for dads stresses that legions of them feel a sense of “grief, anger, hurt, loneliness and sense of failure.”

That collective angst often centers on the children, given that many divorce outcomes feature live-elsewhere dads whose time with the kids is suddenly limited and dictated by a visitation schedule.

The writer of the above article acknowledges that “sad state of affairs.” She points out, though, that it hardly spells “a life sentence” for fathers who forthrightly address new realities and make good-faith efforts to forge positives from them.

That starts with healing, which takes some time. Divorce is a big deal, not a paper cut.

And it requires thoughtful planning. That encompasses finances, new living arrangements, attempts to remain civil with the ex for the children’s sake, and acting in ways that empower the kids and try to routinely promote their best interests.

The author stresses that “the more progress you make, the better things will get.”

That assessment is far from being simply a hopeful utterance. Indeed, it proves to be true for many divorced dads across the country who simply try to adorn an adult perspective when dealing with dislocation and material changes marking the future.

Questions or concerns regarding the divorce process and related matters can be directed to an experienced and empathetic family law legal team.


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