Some spouses in Arkansas and elsewhere don’t rue the annual tax season and outcome. Their neutral-to-positive approach stems from a reasoned view that a refund will soon be on the way.

Millions of others detest the yearly ordeal, of course, based on their repetitive pain of writing checks to the IRS.

And for a select few, the perspective on tax documents and forms is altogether different. As a recent Forbes article notes, a deep dive into tax returns can provide a suspicious spouse with ample proof that a financially unfaithful partner has been concealing marital assets.

That is flatly taboo, obviously, from both an ethical and legal perspective. Marital wealth is to be fairly split between a divorcing Arkansas couple, and attempts to shield it from view undermine an equitable outcome.

Thus, those tax returns. Forbes notes that they can provide a rich trove of information for a spouse reasonably suspecting that a soon-to-be ex is acting dishonorably in the divorce process. Tax schedules and supporting documentation can reveal a spouse’s financial cheating that has direct implications in divorce property distribution.

The Forbes article quickly offers up this advice for any spouse ready to embark on an investigation of asset tampering: Get professional help.

A proven divorce legal team with a deep well of experience in asset division matters has been down the property-shielding road many times. Attorneys who are knowledgeable, focused and aggressive about securing best-case outcomes for valued clients know where to look (both inside and beyond tax returns) for evidence of fraud. They will ensure that wrongdoing is fully spotlighted and, importantly, judicially disclosed.

Divorce-tied asset concealment doesn’t remotely configure into many Arkansas decouplings. When it does, though, an affected spouse can turn to proven property division attorneys for guidance and strong legal representation.