The well-known words of the classic Elvis Presley song Fools Rush In wafted over assembled guests as Jeff Rohrer’s teenage daughter sang them at her father’s wedding this past weekend in Los Angeles.

“But I can’t help falling in love with you.”

Although that sentiment was obviously fitting and appropriate for a matrimonial setting, Bob Dylan’s The Times They a-Changin’ might reasonably have been just as suitable a selection.

Here’s why: As one national media report notes, Rohrer became on Sunday “the first known NFL player to marry a man.”

That is big news from the football universe, where gay players have shielded themselves in a virtual cloak of anonymity for decades, being fearful of ostracism and reprisal in a sport marked by violence and machismo.

Rohrer did just fine in that world, being a mainstay for years with the Dallas Cowboys. The above-cited USA Today piece describes Rohrer as a “burly linebacker” who thrived in football’s culture after graduating from Yale University. The now 59-year-old ex-jock says that during his playing days he “was managing feelings inside me, but just never practiced on them.”

Rohrer apparently has an overflow of love and support from his ex-wife and two teenage kids. “I am happy we’re here,” said former spouse Heather Rohrer at the wedding. “Jeffrey is a good man.”

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