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What should you do if you suspect divorce-linked asset concealment?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News

Do you believe that hiding marital assets is a problem in some divorces? More pointedly, do you suspect that it might be a reality in your dissolution proceeding?

Hiding property during the divorce process unquestionably occurs in some decouplings in Arkansas and nationally. And it does so across the wealth spectrum, that is, in marriages featuring scant marital property and those involving a deep and varied asset pool.

In fact, and as proven family law attorneys can uniformly attest, property division matters – including the secreting of assets – generally command close attention from splitting spouses. Marriage partners often work long and hard to accumulate wealth, and it is logical that they want to see it equitably distributed in the divorce process.

Most of them, anyway. We readily stress on a website page devoted to complex property division at Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates that concealment of marital assets can spell a top-tier concern and challenge in some divorces. When such is the case, an affected party suspecting wrongdoing committed by a soon-to-be ex might reasonably want to confer with seasoned legal counsel immediately.

The role of a proven family law advocate in an asset-division matter is clear enough. A focused and aggressive divorce lawyer well versed in property division will move with dispatch to fully identify and value all marital property. Once that is done, a client has a right under Arkansas law to receive his or her fair amount of all assets in play. That might not result in a straight 50/50 split, but it will reflect a judicial determination as to what is equitable.

Purposely hiding marital assets obviously undermines equity in a fundamental way. Attempting to shield wealth from court purview is flatly illegal and can bring dire consequences.

Questions or concerns regarding wealth concealment or any other factor that might influence a fair property division in divorce can be directed to a practiced Arkansas family law attorney.


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