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Bankruptcy’s close link with home foreclosure protection

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | bankruptcy, Firm News

The sooner, the better.

That adage certainly applies to many things in life. From the perspective of any proven bankruptcy attorney who practices with passion on behalf of valued clientele, it rings crystal clear when it comes to taking proactive action concerning home-linked financial challenges.

We expressly note that “act sooner rather than later” strategy on a page of our website at Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates devoted to purposeful action to stop home foreclosure. Our firm’s established legal team does precisely that on behalf of Arkansas clients from our offices in Little Rock and other locations spanning the state.

Many individuals and families are surprised to hear of the powerful role that bankruptcy can play to stop foreclosure and help debtors regain solid financial traction. We duly note on our site that “filing for bankruptcy can save not only your home, but also get you back on your feet financially.”

The first thing that a proven debt-relief attorney will do for a client facing foreclosure issues is to carefully examine all potentially relevant strategies that can optimally attack debt. If a bankruptcy filing is a strong option to fight against foreclosure and other challenges, a determination must be made concerning whether to proceed with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing, respectively.

In either case, the powerful benefits linked with filing that come with a so-called “automatic stay” are material and immediate. A stay halts a lender’s actions against a debtor pending a foreclosure action. That precious reprieve often affords the breathing room necessary to find a viable and lasting solution to truly troublesome debt.

The specifics relevant to Chapter 7 and 13 are quite different. They can be explained by experienced legal counsel, who can also help a client pursue a timely and aggressive strategy for driving down debt, keeping a home and otherwise restoring financial solvency.


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