Family violence in Arkansas and nationally is unquestionably a tragic and too-often reality that plays out behind the closed doors of American homes.

As intrinsically sad as domestic abuse is, intimate-partner and related home-based violence is especially disturbing because it is egalitarian. That is, it occurs in virtually every environment. We note on our website at Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates that victims “come from all situations and walks of life, and most never expected [abuse] to happen to them.”

We know that to be true because of our long-term and sustained advocacy of violence victims from our multiple legal offices that span the state.

Here’s something else we know is true: Many victims (most often women, but sometimes men, as well) are at a loss concerning what to do in the wake of violence. That is understandable. Abuse is painful from every conceivable dimension. It upends lives and makes the immediate future complex and uncertain.

Seasoned legal advocates from a proven family law firm can step in to help when domestic abuse threatens family bonds and human life. It bears noting, too, that experienced counsel can benefit parties who have been wrongly accused of violence. It does happen.

An abuse victim needs to focus immediately on several things. Foremost is securing a haven from further violence. In tandem with that, a detailed police report should be filled out that can be used as future evidence in legal proceedings and that provides the basis for any court-authored protection order.

There is a lot to think about for a victim in the wake of domestic violence, ranging from safety considerations to legal implications. An experienced family law attorney can be a strong advocate during such a time.