Author, child psychologist and therapist are but three of many descriptors that apply to Joan B. Kelly, who has written scores of articles and books narrowly devoted to a single and most important subject.

Namely, that is the well-being of children in the divorce process, a subject that deeply touches Kelly and, of course, loving parents in Arkansas and all across the country. Children are universally cherished, and all but the most cynical and unfeeling of parents are willing to make deep personal sacrifices for the sake of their offspring.

A recent article Kelly wrote for a national publication has a “how to truly promote the kids’ best interests” thrust to it. The author makes several points therein that serve as important reminders and wake-up calls to parents, especially mothers and fathers who are interacting in an uncivil and even combative way while seeking to end their marriage.

Collectively, Kelly’s advice and takeaways are well worth perusing, and readers can scrutinize them via the above inserted link.

We choose to spotlight in today’s blog post one point she makes in particular, and that is this: the importance of dads remaining central fixtures in their kids’ lives following divorce can hardly be overstated.

Kelly refers to myriad studies that seamlessly connect close and enduring father/child bonds to optimal social, emotional and academic development in the latter.

We second that conclusion at our law firm. We know from professional experience and long-term client representation in family law matters how truly important it is for fathers to remain strong and readily present for their kids in a family’s post-divorce phase.

Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates is not a fathers’ rights law firm. We are a best-outcome firm that is sharply attuned to children’s best interests and the reality that they are typically best advanced by the close and continuous involvement of both parents.

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