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Spotlight: an effective divorce team to fully promote your goals

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2017 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce

Work hard on devising a tailored and effective divorce strategy, to be sure, if you’re an Arkansas resident headed toward marital dissolution.

And don’t forget about assembling an ideal lineup of professionals to help you fully flesh out and implement that strategy. Their input on your goals and what you will need to do to achieve them can be critically important.

That is the advice centrally delivered by a financial pro in a recent business article focused upon the prescription for a winning divorce. Although columnist Rob Clarfeld presents multiple points for discussion, it is the aforementioned team he stresses the most in his recently penned article for Forbes that focuses on the “single most important decision” a divorcing party can make.

Of course, it is not always important for an individual about to embark on the divorce process to have multiple consultants on board to offer advice. Many divorces — even complex decouplings — are often handled capably and in their entirety by an experienced family law attorney.

As Clarfeld duly notes, though, some divorces do indeed entail special considerations that can be best addressed and optimally dealt with through an integrated team effort.

That might mean a proven attorney’s referral of a financial adviser or retirement expert in one instance. Alternatively, input from a family therapist might be important in another case. And in some dissolutions involving truly complicated and knotty financial issues, a CPA or forensics accountant might be able to make material contributions.

Any person with questions or concerns regarding professional input in a divorce matter — for example, whose advice might be needed, and why — should simply ask a seasoned divorce lawyer. An experienced family law attorney will always be happy to give candid counsel and feedback.


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