Maybe you, or you and a spouse together, are thinking about personal health issues a bit as you advance in years.

That’s only logical, right?

After all, health concerns are on the minds of many millions of aging Americans, and for multiple reasons.

Obviously, cost is one of them.

Consider this estimate on health care outlays, which comes courtesy of one insurance company. According to Genworth Financial, the average cost for a private room in a nursing home in the United States exceeded $90,000 in a recent year.

For many people, that is understandably troubling.

The sheer shock of such a number can understandably breed a strong impassivity. After all, how can most people in Arkansas or anywhere else across the country deal with such an exaction, much less the progressive spiking of all other costs relevant to medical care?

Actually, there is a way to do so in most instances, and that is through timely and purposeful estate planning. A sound strategy that fully considers medical costs and addresses them in a tailored and integrated way can go far toward reducing uncertainty and ensuring viable options for individuals as they grow older.

Some people consider long-term-care insurance policies as a way to safeguard against pricey health outcomes.

Whether that makes sense in a given case will depend upon several factors. One recent article on such policies duly notes that LTC insurance is “costly, very complex and not everyone will qualify.”

The author of that piece advises any person considering an LTC option or seeking more generalized information about health care choices in elder years to consult with a proven estate planning attorney and perhaps other professionals.

An experienced lawyer who routinely works with clients on broad-based elder law matters can help an individual or family take a soundly integrative approach toward health care issues.

That includes a discussion of LTC insurance, of course, but also focuses on Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs that provide great benefits to millions of Americans.