Filled up your gas tank yet?

If you and your loved ones are hitting the road today or tomorrow for an annual migration to the family homestead for the Thanksgiving holiday, you’re obviously far from being alone.

In fact, roadways across Arkansas and the rest of the county are projected to be pretty well clogged over the Turkey Day holidays this year.

How busy, you might be wondering?

Here’s a notable number offered up by AAA: The national drivers’ and travel organization estimates that close to 60 million people will be motoring at least 50 miles on state or national roads over the holidays this week.

Prepare a few things to distract the kids, especially if you’re planning a trip longer than that.

Oh, and there’s this: Watch out for police cars. There are going to be lots of them out on streets and highways.

Arkansas authorities promise that.

“[W]e’ll be out in full force,” says Arkansas State Police Director Col. Bill Bryant.

Bryant points to two especially heightened areas of focus for troopers and police officers across the state, namely, adherence to seat belt laws and behind-the-wheel intoxication.

Like a majority of other states, Arkansas seat belt law is deemed primary, not secondary. That means that a law enforcer can pull a driver over and issue a ticket if he or she observes a belt infraction without first having to note some other moving violation.

The penalties related to a drunk driving conviction are obviously far more severe, including jail time, court costs, towing charges, spiked insurance rates and a criminal record.

We wish all our readers happy holidays.

That obviously implies a lack of flashing lights on the way to grandma’s house.