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National Elder Law Month: some considerations

On Behalf of | May 2, 2017 | Estate Planning, Firm News

Americans seem to have a distinct fondness for designating certain days, weeks and months each calendar year to commemorate or otherwise underscore the significance of a special event or topic.

And May is certainly no exception to that. We note today for Arkansas readers and other visitors to our estate planning and administration blog that this month is National Elder Law Month.


Such has been the case now for more than half a century, with the designation being intended to (as noted in one national media account) “show support for older Americans.”

One way to do that, of course, is to spotlight elder law issues and educate individuals and families on subjects that are often of particular relevance to the so-called “senior” demographic.

We do that on a page of our website at Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, noting that — for various reasons — many families in Arkansas and nationally can easily “become overwhelmed by the prospect of helping aging loved ones with decisions about estate planning or health care.”

Of course, those are two focal points of the elder law universe, which our proven attorneys frequently discuss with potential and existing clients in a blended and integrated way.

That means this: Many issues that are critically important in families with aging loved ones overlap, and in a complex way. For example, an estate plan in which one or more trusts are carefully established can have profound implications relevant to an applicant’s eligibility for the government Medicaid program.

In fact, sound planning often requires broad consideration of many interrelated factors and variables, ranging from tax strategies and long-term care objectives to conservatorship/guardianship issues, exploitation-avoidance safeguards and more.

We duly note on our site that every elder-law client has unique needs. We always respond carefully to that reality, striving in every instance to implement an estate plan that optimally promotes best-outcome objectives in response to every opportunity and challenge.


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