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Full speed ahead: Here’s an interesting family law development

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2017 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce

Some couples who were patiently and methodically planning their weddings slated for a late date in 2017 have now moved up their timetable, well, just a tad.

In fact, they are now scurrying at full speed to get things formally done just as fast as they can by getting a state official on board promptly to stamp and sign all the documents legally required to denote them as a married unit.

Why the hurry?

The answer, in two words: immigration concerns.

And even more specifically: deportation worries.

Anyone who follows the news to even a slight degree knows well that, for some people in the United States, fear of governmental power has ratcheted up more than a modicum in recent months. That owes in part to select Trump administration pronouncements and policy moves aimed at the movement of people across borders and the legal status of individuals currently living inside the country.

As noted in one recent national news outlet, the spiked rhetoric and attendant actions in the immigration realm are motivating more couples than usual — specifically, couples comprising an American citizen and a non-Americana partner — to hasten their marriage plans in order to avoid problem that might otherwise await down the road.

How many couples are getting proactive about speeding up their march to betrothal? The above-cited news report notes that, “Clerks in cities around the country … cited an increase in marriage license applications immediately following Trump’s election.” In one major metro area, filings spiked by a full 20% from the same measuring period a year earlier.

That frenetic uptick has reportedly been matched by an attendant interest among many of those couples in getting a prenuptial agreement quickly executed.

It is important to note that there can be problems with some of those so-called “Trumped-up prenups.” As noted by one commentator, they can be “tricky,” especially if a court later determines that coercion or duress influenced one of the parties to sign out of sheer haste.

Regardless of the relevant timetable for marriage, marital contract execution, divorce or any other material family-related matter, it can make sound sense for an individual seeking proven legal assistance to timely contact an experienced family law attorney for guidance and client-empathetic representation that unwaveringly focuses on best-case results.


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