Due care.

That is what we arguably seek to stress the most on a page of our website at Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates that addresses legal defense representation for individuals targeted in criminal investigations by Arkansas authorities.

If you are a state resident who is facing a criminal law challenge, you might reasonably want to have in your corner a group of advocates who will unstintingly “safeguard your rights and your future by fighting for you, at every step along the way.”

That level of professional focus and representation is something we strive to deliver in every client matter we handle, well appreciating how much any person accused of a criminal act needs our guidance and aggressive advocacy.

We are succinct and straightforward regarding the role we play on behalf of individuals who are facing the formidable might and resources of criminal law authorities in Arkansas. We acknowledge on the above-cited webpage that it is “a tremendous responsibility, and we take it seriously.”

And we do so from the moment you reach out to us. We advise anyone who has been detained by police and is being questioned to request legal assistance without delay, and be buoyed in doing so by the fact that criminal authorities do not have any right to subject you to interrogation outside the presence of legal counsel you have requested be on hand.

A seasoned defense attorney will closely examine all material aspects of criminal charges brought against a client, starting with an exacting examination of police and prosecutorial conduct.

We represent Arkansas residents facing a wide range of misdemeanor and felony criminal charges, ranging from theft, drug crimes and drunk driving to juvenile-related matters, traffic violations, sexual offenses and more.

We readily invite readers’ questions and contacts to the firm, and we pledge to represent every person needing our professional help with due care and strong efforts always aimed at securing an optimal outcome.