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August 2016 Archives

Finding work-life balance as divorced parents not easy

Starting in the 1960s, women started to push for more equality in the workforce. It's a battle that still rages and the challenges are many. Women, and even men, in Arkansas will likely agree that the standard that has been put forward to this point is that somehow it is possible for women to have it all – a family, and to exercise the freedom to strive for the heights of their careers.

Treasury looks to dash estate planning tax avoidance strategy

There are many reasons most everyone in Arkansas should have estate planning as a top priority. For one, it provides important clarity and peace of mind that the welfare of your loved ones has been addressed in the event of your dying. Another is that a well-crafted estate plan, assembled under the hand of a skilled attorney, can protect assets and reduce potential tax liability.

What does extradition mean and what does it involve?

Anyone slightly familiar with TV crime dramas have probably heard about the subject of extradition. It usually comes up in connection with a case in which a crime is alleged to have been committed in one state and police in another state have picked up a suspect in the case. It is through the process of extradition that the defendant is handed over for possible prosecution.

Does Putative Father Registry enrollment ensure father's rights?

Knowledge is power. This is certainly true when it comes to family law in Arkansas. If you don't know what your rights are or what tools are available for establishing those rights, it can be very difficult to exercise and defend your privileges Even then, it can be difficult because of ingrained bias in the system.

What kinds of issues might an estate administrator encounter?

Taking care of the details when closing out an estate after a loved one's death in Arkansas can be a tough thing to handle. Not only is there the emotional turmoil accompanying the loss, complications of estate administration can arise if the estate happens to be intricately structured.

Women come out better than men in divorce: Myth or reality?

The question of male-female differences is one that we all probably wrestle with at some time. You could analyze plays going back to the ancient Greeks and find plenty of meat on the subject. The debate still goes on today in Arkansas and elsewhere, as we noted in our post of Aug. 10.

Is gender an issue in property division in divorce? Maybe

It surely will come as no surprise to any reader that Arkansas couples going through divorce should expect to face many decisions that they never anticipated. Parents have to try to sort out the nuances of child custody and support. If the couple is well off, the complexities of property division can be significant.

Medical marijuana isn't legal in Arkansas, but that could change

Let's be very clear. Marijuana is illegal in Arkansas. Possessing it; possessing it to sell or distribute; growing it; even carrying marijuana use paraphernalia can result in criminal charges. Conviction can have serious repercussions not only in terms of any sentences handed down, but also in terms of one's future.

How does bankruptcy 'protect' me as a filer?

Anyone in Arkansas who regularly reads our blog knows that when talking about services related to providing debt relief we often emphasize the protection that filing for bankruptcy can provide. Given the common misconception that bankruptcy is a sign of individual failure and the reality that bankruptcy can present challenges, it's fair to ask what we mean by protection. The easiest way to respond is by talking about personal assets.

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