Many people out there probably think of divorce in a ubiquitous way. They think that divorces are all handled in similar ways, to the point that they may not even think that there’s a difference from one divorce to the next. To the contrary, though, every divorce is unique, even if many of the circumstances involved in each divorce are the same.

Case in point: many average citizens may not consider how complex a divorce may be if they (or their spouse) were a member of the military. This is just one modifier to the average divorce that can make legal proceedings much more complex than anyone would imagine. But there are also myriad other sets of circumstances that could make a divorce more complicated.

Let’s stick with military divorce for this post. When a military couple files for divorce, there’s a lot to consider. In addition to the usual topics that are discussed during a divorce (property division, child custody, debt management, spousal support, etc.), military divorcees need to consider the military benefits involved, as well as how to handle legal proceedings if one of the spouses is deployed overseas.

Other unique circumstances can arise as well, so it is imperative that military members who are going through a divorce get the legal help that they need to ensure all of these complex factors are fully considered and addressed appropriately. At Robertson Law Firm, we have experience handling military divorce cases, and we will work hard for the men and women who serve our country.