There are times when military families seem to live in a different world than everyone else. Whether mom, dad or both parents serve in the armed forces, they do not have your typical nine-to-five workday and weekend schedule. At a moment’s notice, a service member could even be relocated or deployed.

Needless to say, the work-life-balance requires a little bit of flexibility, especially when it comes to daycare for the children. It is something the best places to work around the globe offer to employees, according to Forbes. How does the military stack up?

The digital news outlet, Quartz, compiled a little history lesson and some data to help answer that question. The results bode well for the Department of Defense childcare system and military families. Here are a few highlights from the report:

  • The National Academy of Early Childhood Programs has accredited approximately 95 percent of all of the centers.
  • Fees paid for childcare are determined on the family income and government matches, not a fixed rate for everyone.
  • President Clinton called the military system, catering to over 200,000 children, a leader in child development centers in 1998.
  • Approximately 7,300 of the 23,000 employees are military spouses, and the work conditions are very favorable.
  • “Workforce readiness begins with high quality child care,” is one of the military’s mottos.

Flexibility and preparedness are crucial in other childcare situations as well. As a Little Rock divorce law blog, you can probably guess where we are going. Yes, child custody cases for military families require special attention, which is why parents should take the time to find a military divorce attorney who understands their unique needs.

Source: Quartz, “One thing the US military gets right: childcare,” Kate Baldwin, March 26, 2015