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Driving infractions: People sometimes forget the long-term effects

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2015 | Firm News

If you’re like many Arkansas motorists just arrested on a drunk driving charge and contemplating the obvious downside that such an incident will undoubtedly bring to your life, you might be predominantly focused on what is facing you over the near term.

There is of course what is immediately staring you in the face, namely, police officers and a jail cell you will likely sit in for awhile. On top of that, obviously, there are other and multiple adverse consequences, which can include court costs and fees, license suspension, ignition interlock requirements and lost time at work. In some cases, a person convicted on a DWI/DUI charge in Arkansas can lose a commercial or professional license and, thus, his or her job.

What many people might not immediately take into account are the longer-term costs associated with a drunk driving charge or other traffic offense such as speeding or reckless driving.

Here’s the bulls-eye on that list: jacked-up insurance premiums that can drain a wallet for years.

That is the focal point for a recent media article that zeroes in on spiked insurance outlays following traffic citations.

Although many motorists immediately appreciate that insurance costs will likely go up following a moving violation, they might not readily perceive just how much monthly outlays will rise.

Here’s some relevant info on that, provided by the national group in the above-cited article: On average, motorists across the country will see their premiums jump by about 92 percent following a drunk driving conviction. The “on-average” spike for excessive speeders is 29 percent.

That is unquestionably a lot of dough, and money that no driver would logically want to pay.

In some instances, the adverse effects of a moving violation can be mitigated through timely, knowledgeable and aggressive legal counsel. Motorists with questions or concerns regarding traffic offenses and penalties can contact a proven defense attorney for details.


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