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Reportedly, Arkansas has a college-age prescription drug problem

| Apr 17, 2014 | Firm News

According to a number of sources, there is a surging drug problem across the United States that is quite distinct from the possession, sale and use of drugs like heroin, cocaine and marijuana.

Rather, it is prescription drug use, which by at least one estimate kills more Americans accidentally than any other cause except for motor vehicle accidents.

And evidence points to illegal prescription drug possession by young people as being an especially notable problem According to one government website, about 70 percent of people aged 12-25 across the country say that have obtained and used prescription drugs.

It is certainly troubling that Arkansas centrally surfaces in the discussion on unlawful prescription possession and abuse. The Community Organization for Drug Education, a nonprofit Arkansas-based group, states that Arkansas had the highest rate of prescription drug abuse for teens of any state in the country in 2013.

Moreover, indications are that prescription drug abuse is well established among Arkansas college students. A score of prescription drug-related crimes were reported last year by the University of Arkansas Police Department.

It is certainly indisputable that experimentation on many levels is par for the course for many young people, especially college students. That seems instantly evident from this statistic supplied by the national Institute on Drug Abuse: About 20 percent of all college students say they have used prescription drugs without having first obtained a prescription to do.

That can certainly get a lot of college attendees, as well as younger juveniles, into legal trouble in the event that they are caught in possession of drugs that weren’t prescribed for them and subsequently charged with a crime.

In such an instance, a proven criminal defense attorney with experience representing clients in matters relating to drug crimes and juvenile crimes can provide knowledgeable and diligent representation aimed at mitigating legal consequences to the fullest extent possible.

Young people make mistakes. Virtually without exception, they deserve a second chance.

Source: The Arkansas Traveler, “Prescription drug abuse increases on US campuses,” Kate Jordan, April 16, 2014


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