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Military divorce: Couples face challenges rare in civilian world

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2014 | Firm News, Military Divorce

Saying that, “a lot of men might be intimidated by that,” a civilian male points to a marital situation that is singularly rare in the United States: He and other similarly situated men are married to women who are active duty members of the military.

What the husband of a noncommissioned Army officer draws special attention to is the overall lack of support that he and other men married to military wives feel as their mates are deployed to other areas. That same emotional stress can feature each time a female in the military and her non-military spouse relocate together to a new duty location.

Divorce weighs heavily on female active duty members, with it being estimated that this demographic group has a marital dissolution rate nearly three times higher than is the case for active duty male servicemembers.

That could have something to do with the pressures that some male spouses of female military members say they feel. One notes that jobs are not always readily available for male spouses when they relocate to new assignments with their wives. He also says that the sense of isolation for a non-military male spouse can be significant, even for men who can join a spousal support group.

“It was 274 women and me,” he says in commenting about one group he joined.

Military divorce is often quite different from civilian divorce in myriad and material ways. Some attorneys and law firms appreciate this and provide divorce services that closely take account of special considerations.

In Arkansas, a proven Little Rock military divorce attorney can provide sensitive, client-empathetic and effective representation in a military divorce matter.

Source: KCEN-TV, “Male military spouses lack support, divorce rates soar,” Sophia Stamas, March 27, 2014


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