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September 2013 Archives

Mother steals son in attempt to keep him from his father

While the world is not actually becoming smaller, it is becoming increasingly easy to connect with people in all corners of the globe. This connectivity is also sending a considerable number of foreign nationals to Little Rock, which inevitably leads to binational relationships. Though there are many stories of Americans and non-Americans making marriage and parenting work, sometimes these relationships do fall apart. When they do, there may be the risk of the non-American parent taking the couple's children abroad and never bringing them back.

Medical debt and the move to get patients to pay their bills

Unfortunately for many people in Hot Springs, the cost of medical care is on the rise in this country. Even with health insurance, there are a number of people who are feeling the pressure of paying off hospital and clinical bills. Sadly, those people with the largest medical bills are the same people who oftentimes cannot work because of medical conditions, meaning the bills are coming in, but medical providers may not be getting paid. For many, the search for debt relief is an attempt to get rid of medical debt.

You have the right to remain silent: use it

There are certainly enough crime shows on television these days that nearly everyone in Little Rock should know what their rights are when they are arrested. Even if they don't, police are supposed to inform arrestees of their rights when they are taken into police custody. When the Miranda rights are actually given, however, is largely up to the discretion of police, just as long as they are done before an interrogation.

Casualties of war: risk of divorce tied to length of deployment

Many of us in Maumelle know people who have served their country in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we are grateful for their service. While we may think that after they return home that their lives pick up right where they left off, there are increasing reports that serving in the military, even in noncombat roles, vastly changes a person's life. From post-traumatic stress disorder to time away from careers to changes in home life, being deployed can seriously disrupt a person's life. So, news about a recent study by the RAND corporation that longer deployments have increased the likelihood of divorce should come as no surprise to veterans and their families.

Judge approves Razorbacks coach's bankruptcy settlement

In this economic climate it is not that unusual to learn of people in Pulaski County who are struggling with debt. Sadly, there are many people who have tried to invest wisely, but those investments have fallen through, leaving them facing insurmountable debt. It has happened to all kinds of people, even the former University of Arkansas interim head football coach, John Smith.

Investor and ex-wife can't stop fighting, divorce case continues

For most people in Stone County, a divorce may be hard, but it doesn't need to take 10 years or longer to be over. Anyone whose marriage was ended by infidelity may be incredibly emotional, but even the most extreme emotions generally get pushed aside slightly when it comes time for a divorce. Usually, lawyers will funnel a client's emotions into a complex divorce matter, trying to focus on what the client truly needs. What happens, however, when former couples just can't put their differences aside and come to an agreement?

Marijuana possession not a priority for federal prosecutors

Most people in Herber Springs are aware that marijuana is illegal in Arkansas, but it seems the federal government is changing its priorities slightly when it comes to this contraband substance. Although there is nothing preventing state law enforcement for prosecuting individuals for possession of marijuana, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently announced that federal prosecutors are no longer to focus on individual marijuana users.

Single fathers using surrogacy must negotiate complex laws

Families are changing in Cabot. The idea of a mother, a father and two children is now only one way to define "family." With parents divorcing and remarrying, same-sex couples adopting children, and single adults raising children alone, "family" now means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Even the way people are having children is changing: surrogacy is an option for couples having trouble conceiving, same-sex couples and single women. It seems, however, that surrogacy is also becoming increasingly popular among men wishing to become single fathers.

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