Nearly everyone in Little Rock understands that when parents divorce one parent will receive primary custody and the other parent will be forced to pay child support. While parents who have nearly 50 percent joint custody of their children may resent having to pay child support, most Arkansas parents understand that child support is for the benefit of the child; not a potentially bitter ex.

In some cases, however, parents refuse or are unable to pay their child support obligations. Not only does this hurt the child, but it can create stress for both the parent who should be receiving the payments and the parent who should be paying. In some of the most serious cases, a parent who has failed to make his or her payments could be arrested.

That is what happened to one father who owes $110,823 in child support. While this happened outside of Arkansas, it can still serve as a reminder of some of the consequences that come with failing to pay child support. Although he was released from jail, it is unknown how long he was actually held for his child support arrears. Moreover, it is unclear whether the father has taken any important steps to paying off that massive debt.

When parents in Arkansas fail to make their child support payments, they are putting their children at a disadvantage. That money could have been used to help cover education expenses, food, medical care or a variety of other necessities. Without the money, the custodial parent often has to make difficult decisions about what to purchase for the child with such limited income.

Source: The Express-Times, “Man arrested in Phillipsburg for allegedly owing more than $110,000 in child support,” Kathryn Brenzel, March 18, 2013

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