Nearly everyone in Arkansas remembers the shocking news that Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger were divorcing, and even more people were paying attention when reports emerged that Schwarzenegger had not been faithful, fathering a then-15-year-old boy with the family’s longtime housekeeper. While Schwarzenegger is finally opening up about his divorce and all of his secrecy, many people within the family law field believe that secrecy and infidelity are not that uncommon.

Discovering that a spouse is cheating is extremely difficult and, more often than not, it could lead to divorce. Anyone in Little Rock that has gone through a divorce knows just how difficult it can be; it is not something that most people can do without legal help. Especially with things like child custody, child support and property division at stake, trying to settle a divorce without legal help is a recipe for disaster.

The information that is emerging in divorces today can sometimes be overwhelming. With technology that can capture passwords and login information, it is possible for suspicious spouses to find incriminating email information, dating profiles or text messages. Using private investigators can also dig up information that one spouse has worked hard to keep secret.

At the other extreme, however, are people who are ready to look the other way in an attempt to convince themselves that nothing bad is happening. Though it may be important for some people to have faith in their partners, it is also vital that no one is exploited in a marriage or a divorce.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Secrecy a common thread in most divorces,” Bonnie Miller Rubin, Oct. 10, 2012