Most Arkansas divorces contain child support plans that cover the basics of each child’s financial needs. One parent pays a certain amount to the other each month for support, and most plans take into account day-to-day expenses along with a few bigger issues like health insurance and college savings.

However, there is much more to a child’s financial needs than these basic items. To ensure that you have all the bases covered in your child support plan after divorce, consider the following three things:

  • Activities offered through schools, churches and other organizations.

These activities include sports, group activities (scouts, band, dance, etc.) and summer activities like camp. Participation in these activities is an important part of a well-rounded childhood, but participation, equipment and transportation costs aren’t always cheap

  • Unpaid or non-reimbursed medical expenses

Think about who pays for co-pays, deductibles, out of network care and even treatment for serious conditions that may arise. Make a plan for these medical expenses now to avoid problems and blame later.

  • Age-related expenses change as the child grows.

Sure, some toddlers may need little more than the food, shelter and clothing basics. But, these needs will grow as the child ages. For example, an older child may need braces and teenagers may have driving classes and car expenses.

When you sit down to create your child support plan, look beyond the basic monthly expenses to ensure that your child’s needs are fully covered. By taking the time to see to these details now, you save each other the headache of having to sort them out later. Life after the divorce will run much more smoothly as you both work to raise the child to adulthood.

Source: CNBC, “How to Provide For the Kids Post-Divorce,” Elizabeth Alterman, May 7, 2012.