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Communicating effectively in a co-parenting arrangement

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Child Custody

Every year, hundreds of thousands of married parents in Arkansas and across the country decide to end their marriages. Consequently, this also means there are just as many, if not more, children living with single parents. These days, many divorced parents choose to co-parent and share childcare duties after a separation. For this type of arrangement to be successful, communication is crucial. Here are some ways to foster effective communication between co-parents. 

Never use children as messengers 

Co-parents should always communicate directly with each other. Never use children as messengers. Allowing children to relay messages to the other parent can make the kids feel that they must take sides, which is completely unfair to them. 


Co-parents will have to engage in important conversations from time to time, it’s inevitable. Save these important conversations for times when both parents can be focused and fully present. Also, always try to keep children out of these conversations. 

Listen and be open 

Regardless of the method of communication, listen and pay attention when receiving information from the other parent. Be open and give the co-parent an opportunity to share their ideas without jumping to conclusions. When a response is needed, never respond hastily, and take time to process what is being asked. 

Understandably, communicating with an ex-spouse can be difficult. Remember to put the children first and leave the past relationship where it belongs: in the past. Parents in Arkansas who have questions about post-divorce parenting or any aspect of child custody can benefit by seeking the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.