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What can you do if a parent is not paying child support?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Family Law

Getting a divorce may seem like a freeing experience to many Arkansas residents who were unhappily married. However, if a divorced couple have children, they will likely continue to interact with each other when addressing matters relating to their children. Additionally, one parent may need to provide child support to the other. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for issues surrounding this type of support to arise. 

One of the biggest issues parents face with child support is one parent not making the payments as ordered by the court. While a willful violation is, first, illegal, it can also cause financial issues for the custodial parent as well as result in the kids not having their needs met because of the lack of monetary support. As a result, the custodial parent often has to take steps to try to get the back payments that are owed. 

Some ways that parents can work toward getting the support they need and deserve include the following: 

  • Contacting their local child support office to determine whether they are aware of the situation 
  • Asking what action the child support office is taking against the nonpaying parent, such as wage garnishment, liens or driver’s license suspension 
  • Determining the amount of support owed and when the actions of the child support office may allow the custodial parent to see that income 

In some cases, a child support office’s efforts to get an Arkansas parent to pay may not be enough, especially if a noncustodial parent is adamant about not paying. In such a case, parents who should be receiving support may want to take legal steps of their own. Consulting with an experienced family law attorney could help interested parties determine what they can do to ensure that they receive the financial support that is owed to them.