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When can you request a child support modification?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | Child Custody, Family Law

You originally created your child custody and child support arrangement to meet your child’s needs and to reflect your life at the time it was written. However, when things change in your life, that support order may not reflect your child’s current needs.  suited your life and your child’s needs. When can you request a modification to your child support order?

Arkansas law allows you to request a review of your support order every three years.

Time brings change, and over the years this can change your child’s needs. Because of this, Arkansas allows parents to request a review of their child support order if it has been three years since the support order was created or modified.

If your income changes, support orders may change.

Sometimes, circumstances change and you or your ex may experience a significant change in income. You may lose your job, enter a new position or get a promotion. If these changes amount to a monthly change of 20% or more in your monthly income or a change of $100, you may request a review of your support order. This is true even if it has been less than three years since your last review.

Significant life changes may also lead to a modification.

You may also request a modification to your child support order if you have experienced a material change in circumstances. Some of the many changes in circumstances that can lead to a modification include:

  • You or your ex have inherited a large sum of money
  • Your child has significant new medical needs that will be part of their life long-term
  • You or your ex have remarried and have new familial responsibilities
  • Your child has new costs associated with their schooling or activities

If you wonder whether the time is right for a modification to your child support order, consider discussing the issue with a family law attorney. Depending on your situation, a modification might allow you to better meet your child’s needs.