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Lessons learned from someone who ran from child support

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Family Law

Getting a divorce can cause so many disruptions in a person’s life that it can be difficult to keep up. It is not unusual for child support obligations to stem from the outcomes of a divorce or in other situations involving a custodial and noncustodial parenting arrangement. Unfortunately, some Arkansas residents may have trouble paying the support they owe, but if they do not pay, they could end up facing serious consequences.

Readers may wish to take the opportunity to hear from someone who has been in this type of situation before. One man in another state recently provided information about his challenging child support situation, one that included owing over $350,000 in back support payments, and how he overcame it. The man stated that he had troubling experiences in life that led him to spend time in and out of jail and indicated that he started shoplifting after his paychecks dwindled due to withheld support payments, which, as expected, led to more problems with the law.

The man stated that his anger and frustration over the child support situation led to numerous bad decisions, including attempting to avoid his payment obligations. However, after getting out of jail for the final time, he decided to face his ordeal head on, and with the help of child support services, he was able to pay off his owed support and is now working to help others in similar situations. One important piece of advice he offers is to reach out for help rather than trying to run from the problem.

It can certainly feel tempting to bury one’s head in the sand and hope that financial problems disappear, but as this man’s case shows, it is not likely to happen. Arkansas residents feeling the burden of back child support obligations may want to heed this man’s advice and consider getting help to reduce payments if possible. Support modification may be an option, but due to the complex nature of trying to obtain a modification, it is wise to have reliable support and assistance.